So proud of our team

I love these guys!  Twice a month, I get to spend 2+ hours with these guys at Code for DC. We work on PDFs to make them fillable, we develop essential features for our app, we test and debug, and we onboard and welcome new members to the group.  

The affordable housing group gathered at Code for DC on January 14, 2015.

The affordable housing group gathered at Code for DC on January 14, 2015.

In the beginning, there was a small, core group of us, but usually a lot of people who showed up for Code for DC and then we never saw them again.  Overtime, we've grown the team one dedicated member at a time.  The group now has people who have been with us since the beginning, for a year, for 6 months, to only a couple of months.  Tonight (fingers crossed), I think we picked up another developer.

A lot of what I am learning as I work with this team has helped me during my day job at Socrata as well.  How do you match people's skills and interests to the project?  How do you enable people to contribute when you're not there?  As you scale the team, how do you find ways to empower other people to lead?  How do you communicate the value of your project to different people in the community?  Who are the right people to engage to make sure your project is serving their needs?  

Finally, I wanted to give a big shout out to Jeff Runningen, not pictured here (but was on Slack!).  Jeff moved to NYC a few months ago to work at Google, but despite living in a different city he has continued to devote many hours of his free time moving this project forward.  He has been absolutely essential.  We miss you, Jeff!